The Ultimate Board Game

"Enter the Gizmosphere" is an immersive redux of the classic Pong. The interaction pitted two foes armed with LED paddles against each other on either side of an eight-foot monolith. Players battled for 90 seconds, using their paddles to hit a virtual ball back and forth through the confines of the digital vortex.

True to Chaotic Moon's hacker mentality, the entire experience was created with off-the-shelf parts and powered only by the GIZMO, a 4x4 inch, 20 volt APU board running Linux.

  • 1 small and mighty Gizmo II board
  • 2 crazy smart Pixy cameras
  • 2 Arduinos
  • 4 custom 3D printed paddles
  • 2 sufficiently large TVs
  • 2 electroluminescent tapes
  • 2 speakers
  • 1 customized built kiosk